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PCCN Predictor Exam (2021)  

The PCCN Predictor Exam Is A Comprehensive Online Practice Exam That Includes 125 Practice Questions & 5 CEU’s.  This Practice Exam Includes – Cardiac, Neurology, Pulmonary, GI, Renal, Endocrine, Hematology, Psychology, Multi-system & Professional Caring.  The PCCN Predictor Exam Has Been Approved For 5 CEU’s By The California Board Of Nursing.  This Practice Exam Mirrors The PCCN National Exam & Reflects The Most Current PCCN Exam Updates.   

PCCN Predictor Exam – Most Current PCCN Exam Updates

With The PCCN Predictor Exam from Elite Reviews, you can take a simulated exam.  This simulation helps you get an accurate idea of how prepared you are for the exam.  

Just as with the national exam, you’ll have 2.5 hours in which to complete the practice exam.  We’ve chosen a mix of questions that reflects the most recent exam blueprint.  Best of all, once you register for the practice exam; you’ll have up to 30 days in which to complete the exam.  Feel free to repeat the exam as often as you’d like.  

PCCN Predictor Exam – Most Recent PCCN Exam Updates

With questions covering all major exam topics, the Predictor Exam provides an ideal way to practice for exam day.  This practice test can be a lifesaver for people who are nervous about testing; an need ways to pinpoint the weak spots in their knowledge base.

We currently offer a variety of courses for the PCCN national exam.  If you are looking for review questions; choose the PCCN question bank or PCCN Practice questions bundle.  Looking for sample questions and lectures; choose the PCCN Review or the PCCN Online Review Course.   

PCCN Predictor Exam

PCCN Predictor Exam

• 125 Practice Questions
• 5 CEU’s
• 7 Days Access

Register For   $39.95


PCCN Predictor Exam

PCCN Predictor Exam

• 125 Practice Questions
• 5 CEU’s
• 14 Days Access

Register For   $45.00 


PCCN Predictor Exam

PCCN Predictor Exam

• 125 Practice Questions
• 5 CEU’s
• 30 Days Access

Register For  $49.95


PCCN Review Course

PCCN Review Course Bundle

• Online Lectures
• 3000+ Prep Questions
• 90 – 150 Days Access

Register For   $350.00


PCCN Predictor Exam – Cost

The cost of the Predictor Exam varies based on the amount time needed for preparation. We offer 3 options with this course.

• 7 Days Duration – $39.95
• 14 Days Duration – $45.00
• 30 Days Duration – $49.95 

Each Predictor Exam option provides the same amount of questions just different study periods. If you are not sure which option to select; choose the 30-day option, as this will provide you with the greatest amount of study time.

PCCN Predictor Exam – Continuing Education 

  • Approved For CE Contact Hours through the California Board Of Nursing
  • After course completion, go to your account and click on the CE Certificate link for printing.
  • For more information on how to prepare for the PCCN national exam; or how to register, go to (AACN.org).

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