NCLEX Review

NCLEX Review

NCLEX Review (2021)   

The NCLEX Review Is A Comprehensive Online Review Program That Includes – Online Lectures – 1250+ Multiple Choice & Alternate Format Practice Questions – PASS Guaranteed.  This Review Encompasses – Cardiac, Neurology, Pulmonary, GI/Renal, Endocrine, Hematology/Oncology, Psych, Multi-system, OB-GYN & Pediatrics!!

Cost: $250.00     Duration : 45 days
Cost: $275.00     Duration : 60 days
Cost: $300.00     Duration : 90 days


NCLEX Review 

  • The NCLEX Review & 1250+ Practice Questions Includes – Cardiac, Neuro, Pulmonary, GI/Renal, Hematology/Oncology, OB, Pediatrics, Psych, Pharmacology & The Most Current NCLEX Exam Updates From The Board Of Nursing!!
  • This Review Was Designed As An Alternative Solution To The Traditional Classroom Style Of Preparation; and Includes All Of The Content Needed To Be Successful On The NCLEX National Exam!!
  • The Overall Objective Is To Provide A Research-Based Review, That Assists The Graduate Nurse In Passing The NCLEX National Exam. 
  • We Guarantee Success On The First Attempt. In The Event You Fail, You Will Be Allowed To Repeat This Review At No Additional Charge.

NCLEX Online Content

  • There are 4 parts to this review. Each part not only contains lecture content, but also contains the corresponding practice questions/exam for that main subject area.
  • Part 1 Includes – (Pretest, Endocrine, Hematology-Oncology & Integumentary)
  • Part 2 Includes – (Gastrointestinal, Renal, Neurology & Pulmonary)
  • Part 3 Includes – (Pharmacology, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Mental Health & Musculoskeletal)
  • Part 4 Includes – (Cardiovascular, ECG Interpretation, Pacemakers & Multisystem)
  • After Registration Is Complete, All 4 Parts To This Review Will Appear In The User’s Account.

How The Course Works

  • First – Purchase The Course By Clicking On The Blue Add To Cart Button – You Will Then Be Prompted To Create A User Account
  • Next – You Will Be Prompted To Pay For The Course Using PayPal – After Payment You Will Be Redirected Back To Your Account
  • Last – Click The Start Button Located Within Your Account To Begin The Course

NCLEX Sample Questions

NCLEX Review – Sample Questions     Click Here

NCLEX Review

NCLEX Review 

  • Option 1
  • NCLEX Review Lectures
  • 1250+ Practice Questions
  • 45 Days Availability
  • Cost $250.00



NCLEX Review

NCLEX Review 

  • Option 2
  • NCLEX Review Lectures
  • 1250+ Practice Questions
  • 60 Days Availability
  • Cost $275.00



NCLEX Review

NCLEX Review 

  • Option 3
  • NCLEX Review Lectures
  • 1250+ Practice Questions
  • 90 Days Availability
  • Cost $300.00



Additional Course Details

NCLEX Review – Options

  • Listed Above Are The 3 NCLEX Review Options We Currently Offer.  Each Of The Options Are The Same; The Only Difference Is The Cost And How Long Each Review Is Available.
  • Each Option Contains Online Lectures And 1250+ Practice Questions.  There Is No Difference In The Lectures & Practice Questions From One Option To The Next.  If You Are Not Sure Which Option To Select; Choose The 90-day Option, As This Option Will Provide You With The Greatest Amount Of Study Time!!  

Course Guarantee

  • This guarantee applies to those individuals who signs up and completes this review.
  • You must take the NCLEX Certification Exam within 12 weeks of purchasing this review. Should you fail the actual exam, you will be allowed to repeat this review ONE TIME within 6 Months of the original purchase date.
  • You must retain a copy of your score report from all online exams embedded in this review; as well as from the NCLEX Certification Exam from the National Board
  • You must complete the entire NCLEX Review which includes all Lecture Series and pass all online Exams with an 80% or better.
  • If any of the rules are not followed the Guarantee is void.


  • Cost: $250.00 Duration: 45 Days
  • Cost: $275.00 Duration: 60 Days
  • Cost: $300.00 Duration: 90 Days

Additional NCLEX Course Options

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NCLEX Practice Questions Bundle

NCLEX Predictor Exam

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NCLEX Online Review

  • Lectures & 2000+ Questions
  • Alt. Format Questions
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NCLEX Course Bundle

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