CEN Certification Overview

CEN Certification Overview

CEN Certification Introduction

The CEN Certification is specific to nurses working in emergency nursing areas.  To qualify for the CEN exam, you must hold a current unrestricted Registered Nurse license in the United States or its territories.  A nursing certificate that is equivalent to a Registered Nurse in the United States is also acceptable.  The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing or BCEN, recommends 2 years experience in the emergency department; however, it is not required.  The CEN credential is valid for 4 years.  Go to BCENCertifications.org for further information.

 CEN Exam Content

  • Cardiovascular Emergencies     20 Questions
  • Respiratory Emergencies           16 Questions
  • Neurological Emergencies         16 Questions
  • Gastrointestinal Emergencies    6 Questions
  • Genitourinary Emergencies        5 Questions
  • Gynecology Emergencies             5 Questions
  • Obstetrical Emergencies              5 Questions
  • Psychosocial Emergencies          12 Questions
  • Medical Emergencies                   13 Questions
  • Maxillofacial Emergencies           6 Questions
  • Ocular Emergencies                       5 Questions
  • Orthopedic Emergencies               5 Questions
  • Wound Emergencies                      5 Questions
  • Environmental Emergencies        5 Questions
  • Toxicology Emergencies                5 Questions
  • Communicable Disease                 5 Questions
  • Professional Issues                        16 Questions
    • Total Questions (Scored) 150


CEN Exam Questions

There’s a total of 175 questions on the CEN Exam.  You will be allotted 3 hours to complete the exam.  Of the 175 questions included on the exam, 150 questions are scored and the other 25 questions are unscored and used to gather statistical analysis for future exams.

CEN Exam Application Fees

The Application Fees change from time to time so to get the updated fees, go to BCENCertifications.org for more information.

Passing Results For CEN Exam

All CEN Exam candidates will receive their score reports from the test administrator in a matter of moments after the completion of the exam.  Score reports indicate whether candidates have passed or failed the exam.

Unlimited testing is allowed if you are unsuccessful; however, you are required to wait 90 days before re-testing.  You may submit a re-test exam application online after the 90 day waiting period is over.



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