CCRN – Choosing the Best Nursing Specialty for You

CCRN – Choosing the Best Nursing Specialty for You

CCRN - Choosing the Best Nursing Specialty for You

CCRN – Why Choose a Specific Nursing Specialty?

The healthcare industry is constantly growing and in some respects, that means it is becoming more complex. For this reason, more and more nursing students are deciding to focus their efforts on a specific area of nursing. Choosing a particular area to specialize, such as the ICU (CCRN), grants a nurse greater job security, more career satisfaction, and in some cases an increased chance of salary. There are many factors to consider in order to truly determine the field of study that is best for you. Here is what you should factor in when picking a field.

Aspects to Consider When Picking Your Nursing Specialty

Many factors should be considered when choosing you are picking your nursing field but the most important is your personality. Every specialty comes with its own pace and you need to decide on one that best fits your personality type. For example, if you do not buckle under pressure then nursing in the emergency room or trauma center can be a great fit for your personality type. Being in a field that allows your best traits to shine can lead to promotions.

Job position is another factor you should keep in mind. An executive decision is perfect if you are comfortable in a leadership position then a field where you are allowed to grow. . Alternatively, there are nursing specialties that allow you to solely work with patients or alone in a clinical environment. It all depends again, on your personality and tasks you are comfortable with. While each specialty has their own set of pressures, this should not be a discouragement as you will come to be an expert in your field after you have gained the experience. Remember than nursing does not always mean that you have to work in a hospital setting either.

When you research nursing specialties, you will find that nurses also work in non-hospital settings including schools, public health departments, research labs, and more. If you decide on a typical hospital setting, it is still important that you consider an alternative setting before making a concrete decision. Even a clinical specialty comes with their own unique set of demands and overall environment but with higher demands comes a set of perks. One that you will see in your bank account.
Stated before, there are certain positions that can offer a better salary or at least a chance to earn it. As with any job, an increase of salary typically comes with more responsibility such as an executive position. If you are one of those individuals who is not interested in a leadership position then there are other options for you. You are not bound to run a department if you do not want to. Clinical specialty is also in-demand but also has a high salary potential. Keep in mind that a high salary always means higher demands, after a while this should not be a problem as you will be a pro in your respected field.

Sample CCRN Questions

It is a good rule of thumb to consider these factors prior to starting your nursing studies. As any nurse knows, the first hurdle to completing your dream is completing your schooling. That is another pressure that is all of its own. That does not mean you have to be discouraged by it.
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