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CCRN Review  

The CCRN Review Course Is A Comprehensive Review Program That Includes – Online Lectures – 1250+ Practice Questions and 35 CEUs. CCRN Review lectures covers Cardiac, Neurology, Pulmonary, GI/Renal, Endocrine, Hematology, Multisystem and Professional Caring.

CCRN Review was designed as alternative option to traditional classroom learning. The overall objective is to provide a research-based course; that assists the Critical Care Nurse in passing the CCRN national exam. This review course provides all the necessary course content needed to be successful on the CCRN certification exam. We guarantee success on the first attempt after using our course. In the event you fail, you will be allowed to repeat the review course at no additional charge.            

CCRN Review (2019) – Online Lectures 

The CCRN Review course is broken down into 4 parts. Each of the parts consists of lectures and practice questions. In order to maintain continuity of study; we decided to divide the course into various parts. We understand that every customer study habit is different; and with that thought in mind, we developed this review course.

All the online lectures were developed with the learner in mind. After every main subject area, there will be a practice exam. We decided to structure the course this way in order to aid in the retention of the material. Our overall goal is to learner to pass the CCRN certification exam on the first attempt.  

CCRN Review (2019) – 1250+ CCRN Practice Questions 

Customers who purchase this product will receive over 1250 sample questions. For greater continuity of study, we divided the practice questions up into parts. Each part of the course focuses on different content needed to be successful on the national exam. All the content in this review reflects the latest exam updates published by AACN.

We currently offer several other course options; such as the CCRN Predictor Exam, Question Bank, Practice Question Bundle, Online Review and Course Bundle. Each of the courses have several options.

CCRN Review Course

CCRN Review (2019) – Cost

The cost of this course varies based on the amount needed for preparation. We offer 3 options with this course.

  • $250.00 – Duration 45 Days
  • $275.00 – Duration 60 Days
  • $300.00 – Duration 90 Days

Each course option provides the same amount of questions just different study periods. If you are not sure which option to select; choose the 90-day option, as this will provide you with the greatest amount of study time.

Course Guarantee

  • This course guarantee applies to those individuals who signs up and completes the Full Online CCRN Review Course.
  • The learner must take the CCRN Certification Exam within 12 weeks of purchasing this course. Should you fail the actual exam; you will be allowed to repeat the online review ONE TIME within 6 Months of the original purchase date.
  • You must retain a copy of your score report from all online exams embedded in the CCRN Review course.  As well as from the CCRN Certification Exam from AACN
  • Complete the entire online review course which includes all Lectures and pass all online Exams with an 80% or better.

Continuing Education

  • Approved for 35.0 CE Contact Hours by the California Board of Nursing.
  • Go to your Account and put in your username and password; in order to access the course completion certificate.