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CCRN Question Bank (2019) – 1250+ Practice Questions

The CCRN Question Bank Includes 1250+ Online Practice Questions – 25 CEUs and The Most Recent CCRN Exam Updates. This course primarily focuses on Cardiac, Neurology, Pulmonary, GI/Renal, Endocrine, Hematology, Psychology, Multisystem and Pharmacology. Our Question Bank encompasses the most up to date material in preparation for the national exam.   

The CCRN Question Bank is divided into practice exams. Each practice exam focuses on a different area of study for the national exam. We divided the question bank up into practice exams; so that you be able to focus on the areas that you feel the most uncomfortable with. It is important to not only master the sample questions, but it is equally important to master content as well. Take the practice exams, read all answer choices and then select your response. Regardless of whether you answered the question appropriately or not, be sure to read the rationale. Practice questions work well when used in conjunction with content mastery not as a replacement.

CCRN Question Bank (2019) – 1250+ CCRN Sample Questions 

Over 1250 sample questions are included in the ccrn q-bank. For greater continuity of study, we divided the question bank up into 2 parts. Each part of the question bank focuses on different content needed to be successful on the national exam. The CCRN Q-Bank part 1 includes Professional Caring, Hematology, Endocrine, GI/Renal, Neurology and Pulmonary; while part 2 focuses on Cardiac and Multisystem. All the content in this q-bank reflects the latest exam updates published by AACN. 

This score represents the national benchmark for CCRN prep courses outside of AACN. The CCRN National Exam consists of 150 practice questions.

CCRN Test Questions (2019) – Most Current Exam Updates

The goal of this course is to provide the user with the most current exam content; and practice questions on the market. With that thought in mind, we reworked the question bank to make sure all subject areas have been covered. Each of the subject areas covered in the question bank were taken directly from the CCRN National Exam test blueprint. The American Association of Critical Care Nurses publishes a test blueprint that represents the most current exam content. This question bank covers all the content in detail.

We currently offer several other course options for the CCRN Certification Exam; CCRN Predictor Exam, Practice Questions Bundle, Review Course, Online Review and Course Bundle. Either course option will more that adequately prepare you for the national exam. Although we do not represent AACN; we provide high quality review courses aimed at preparing the critical nurse to be successful on the CCRN certification exam.

CCRN Question Bank

CCRN Question Bank

• Comprehensive Review
• 1250+ Practice Questions
• 45 Days Availability 

Register For   $129.95


CCRN Question Bank

CCRN Question Bank

• Comprehensive Review
• 1250+ Practice Questions
• 60 Days Availability 

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CCRN Question Bank

CCRN Question Bank

• Comprehensive Review
• 1250+ Practice Questions
• 90 Days Availability 

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CCRN Review Course Bundle

CCRN Review Course

• Comprehensive Review
• Lectures & 1250+ Questions
• 45 – 90 Days Availability

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CCRN National Exam

The CCRN National Exam can be taken at any time during the course of the year.  Go to for registration details.  This exam includes 150 questions, but only 125 are scored.  The test blueprint are broken down into sections.

  • 80% Focuses On Clinical Judgement
    • Cardiac 18%
    • Pulmonary 17%
    • GI/GU, Endocrine, Hematology & Integumentary 20%
    • Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Psychosocial 13% 
    • Multisystem 14%
  • 20% Focuses on Professional Caring and Ethical Practice

CCRN Q-Bank – Cost

The cost of the q-bank varies based on the amount time needed for preparation. We offered 3 options with this question bank.

• 45 Days Duration – $129.95
• 60 Days Duration – $159.95
• 90 Days Duration – $189.95 

Each q-bank option provides the same amount of questions just different study periods. If you are not sure which option to select; choose the 90-day option, as this will provide you with the greatest amount of study time.

Continuing Education Credit – CCRN Q-Bank

  • Approved for 25 CE Contact Hours by the California Board of Nursing.
  • Please go to the CE Center or to your Account; put in your username and password in order to access the course completion certificate.

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