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CCRN Predictor Exam (2021)  

The CCRN Predictor Exam Is A Comprehensive Online Practice Exam That Includes 150 Practice Questions & 5 CEU’s.  This Practice Exam Includes – Cardiac, Neurology, Pulmonary, GI, Renal, Endocrine, Hematology, Psychology, Multi-system & Professional Caring.  The CCRN Predictor Exam Has Been Approved For 5 CEU’s By The California Board Of Nursing.  This Practice Exam Mirrors The CCRN National Exam & Reflects The Most Current CCRN Exam Updates.

CCRN Predictor Exam – Most Current CCRN Exam Updates

With The CCRN Predictor Exam from Elite Reviews, you can take a simulated exam.  This simulation helps you get an accurate idea of how prepared you are for the exam.  

Just as with the CCRN national exam, you’ll have 3 hours in which to complete the practice exam.  We’ve chosen a mix of questions that reflects the most recent exam blueprint.  Best of all, once you register for the practice exam; you’ll have up to 30 days in which to complete the exam.  Feel free to repeat the exam as often as you’d like.  

CCRN Predictor Exam – Most Recent CCRN Exam Updates

With questions covering all major exam topics, the Predictor Exam provides an ideal way to practice for exam day.  This practice test can be a lifesaver for people who are nervous about testing; an need ways to pinpoint the weak spots in their knowledge base.

We currently offer a variety of courses for the CCRN national exam.  If you are looking for review questions; choose the CCRN question bank or CCRN Practice questions bundle.  Looking for sample questions and lectures; choose the CCRN Review or the CCRN Online Review Course.   

CCRN Predictor Exam

CCRN Predictor Exam

• 150 Practice Questions
• 5 CEU’s
• 7 Days Access

Register For   $39.95


CCRN Predictor Exam

CCRN Predictor Exam

• 150 Practice Questions
• 5 CEU’s
• 14 Days Access

Register For   $45.00 


CCRN Predictor Exam

CCRN Predictor Exam

• 150 Practice Questions
• 5 CEU’s
• 30 Days Access

Register For  $49.95


CCRN Review Course

CCRN Review Course Bundle

• Online Lectures
• 3000+ Prep Questions
• 90 – 150 Days Access

Register For   $350.00


CCRN Predictor Exam – Cost

The cost of the Predictor Exam varies based on the amount time needed for preparation. We offer 3 options with this course.

• 7 Days Duration – $39.95
• 14 Days Duration – $45.00
• 30 Days Duration – $49.95 

Each Predictor Exam option provides the same amount of questions just different study periods. If you are not sure which option to select; choose the 30-day option, as this will provide you with the greatest amount of study time.

CCRN Predictor Exam – Continuing Education 

  • Approved For CE Contact Hours through the California Board Of Nursing
  • After course completion, go to your account and click on the CE Certificate link for printing.
  • For more information on how to prepare for the CCRN national exam; or how to register, go to (

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